When selling a vehicle in Queensland, having a Roadworthy and/or Safety Certificate is essential to comply with transport regulations. CJS Mechanical provides fast, hassle-free safety inspections to ensure your car is ready for sale. Our service is quick, with most inspections completed in around an hour. We provide honest, transparent roadworthy inspections in Cairns, giving you peace of mind that your car is safe and ready for sale.


Prepare Your Car For A Successful Sale

One of the main reasons you need a roadworthy certificate in Cairns is to ensure you’re complying with Queensland’s transport regulations. These rules are in place to make sure that all cars sold in Queensland meet certain safety standards. Having a roadworthy and safety inspection before listing your car for sales gives buyers confidence that they’re getting a safe vehicle. 

So, for easier, faster sales, it makes sense to have your car checked first. Simply show potential buyers your recent roadworthy certificate, and give yourself more chance of selling your car for the price you want.


Comprehensive, Detailed Roadworthy Assessments

Our team of qualified vehicle assessors provide comprehensive inspection service to ensure all safety guidelines are met. We certainly don’t go looking for problems that aren’t there, but we’ll provide you with a detailed report if we’re unable to issue your roadworthy certificate. This will let you know what issues need to be rectified before your car can pass as safe.


Inspection Certificates (RWC) For Passenger Vehicles

If you operate a taxi or ride-share service (Uber, Lyft etc), it’s an ongoing requirement that your vehicle passes a safety inspection every 12 months. Without a current Certificate of Inspection (COI), you may be unable to continue operating your service, therefore losing income. To keep you, your passengers and other road users safe at all times, book your passenger vehicle safety inspection with CJS Mechanical today. We can even issue your COI on the spot.


Motorbike inspections

It’s not just cars that need inspections prior to sale. All vehicles should be safety checked before being sold, and that includes motorbikes. CJS Mechanical offers quick and easy motorbike roadworthy inspections (RWC) in Cairns. So, whether you’re selling a bike or you just want some peace of mind that all of your safety features are in compliance with regulations, book a time today and we’ll get you back on the road quickly and safely.


Fully certified inspections

Our qualified assessors are fully certified and accredited to conduct roadworthy and safety assessments according to Queensland Transport regulations. You can trust our team to assess your vehicle, provide honest feedback, and even issue your certificate on the spot if your car is passed as roadworthy.


Need repairs too?

As a fully equipped mechanical workshop, we can also take care of any repair needs that may arise from your safety inspection. Often, these are quick fixes that can be taken care of without too much difficulty or expense. However, every vehicle is different, and any required repairs will appear on our detailed assessment report.

Also, if there are other issues with your vehicle that you feel might affect a sale, we’d be happy to speak with you about a solution. Our qualified mechanics are ready to help with all your repair and servicing needs.


Contact us for Cairns roadworthy certificates today

Whether you’re selling, operating a passenger vehicle, or you just want some peace of mind, our team of qualified assessors is here to help. For fast, reliable and hassle-free roadworthy certificates in Cairns, make CJS Mechanical your number one choice.  Call our friendly team today, make a booking, and get your roadworthy and safety assessments completed fast.


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