Logbook servicing is an important part of car ownership. It not only gives you peace of mind that your car is regularly being checked for issues, but it also ensures parts are replaced at appropriate intervals. Perhaps most importantly, having a logbook confirming your car has been regularly serviced makes it much easier to sell your car.

For professional, reliable logbook servicing in Cairns, the friendly team at CJS Mechanical is always here to help. Simply book your car in at a convenient time, and we’ll take care of the rest!


What is a log book service?

When you buy a new car, the manufacturer has certain points at which they recommend your car is serviced. Initially, you should have your first service at about 1000km to ensure everything is running smoothly. After this, your car manufacturer recommends logbook servicing once you’ve reached a certain number of kilometres.

Once your Cairns logbook service is completed, your mechanic fills in the vehicle’s logbook to certify that the recommended service has been completed.


What does a log book service include?

Every logbook service is slightly different. The car manufacturer knows when certain parts should be replaced, and therefore this is prescribed in your logbook. However, as a general rule, most logbook services should include the following: 

  • Fuel system flushes
  • Brake inspections
  • Belt adjustments and checks
  • Steering checks
  • Tyre pressure and wear checks
  • Engine Flushes
  • Lubrication and Filter changes
  • Suspension checks
  • Coolant /Cooling system inspections and flushes
  • Lighting and electrical system checks
  • Exhaust system checks
  • Any other vehicle-specific requirements 

Here at CJS Mechanical, we provide comprehensive Cairns logbook services in line with manufacturer requirements.


Why do you need log book servicing in Cairns?

One of the most important reasons to conduct regular logbook servicing is to protect your car against costly repairs. If your car isn’t serviced regularly, small issues may go unidentified, leading to far more costly repairs or breakdowns in the future. Essentially, logbook services give your car the best operating environment. 

However, there are a couple of other very good reasons to conduct regular logbook servicing.

 Protect the future resale value

When you buy a used car, one of the first things you should check is the service history. This gives you a pretty good indication of whether or not a vehicle has been cared for appropriately. So, as a car owner, you want to ensure your car has a good service history when it comes time to sell.

Used car buyers get a lot of confidence from seeing that a car has been serviced at regular intervals, in accordance with manufacturer guidelines. So, if your logbook is up to date, there’s every chance you can sell your car faster and for a better price than those without a service record.

Ensure your warranty remains valid

Most car manufacturers provide some level of warranty with your new car. In Australia, it’s not uncommon to see some warranties extend up to 10 years. However, car warranties can be considered null and void if you don’t comply with regular logbook servicing requirements. If you choose not to have your car serviced at the recommended intervals and you experience a major parts failure, your warranty may not cover it.

This is because car manufacturers rely on qualified mechanics to identify potential issues and address them during regular servicing. Many major repairs can be avoided with good servicing, but you can also protect the validity of your warranty by maintaining your service logbook. 


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Keeping your logbook service record up to date is easy with CJS Mechanical. Our expert mechanics conduct all logbook services according to manufacturer requirements, meaning your warranty and future resale value is protected.  For the best Cairns logbook services, contact our friendly team today.



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